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Summer recipes from the woods.

There are some recipes I only make in summer. Things that involve dashing into the cottage garden with a large pair of scissors and snipping at herbs and flowers growing there while a pot boils on the stove. Not so easy to do when there is two metres of snow and you're in the city. In winter I'm all about beef and guinness pie, rose water rice pudding and fruit cake. In summer I'm more of a lavender gin, sage and brown butter pasta and lemon thyme cookie-sort of a girl.

To me there is no greater pleasure than stepping outside the back door for your ingredients - especially when you've grown them from seed or kept them alive through a Canadian winter.  When it's minus 20C outside I can hardly believe my herbs are surviving under the snow - but they do. I grow sage, purple sage, rosemary, lovage, oregano, thyme and lemon thyme, basil ( from seed this year), dill, tarragon, nasturtiums (too pretty to eat I think) and lots of mint which is great for tabbouleh and tea…

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